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January 16, 2008


Pol Pot Pie

B&J is going out for the same reason as Burgers and Cupcakes– the product was crap. Not to say that Ben and Jerry's is bad, as a matter of fact I love it, and was excited when they first opened. Unfortunately, it seems they couldn't afford to have properly working ice cream freezers, because the product was usually melted and re-frozen, and usually looked horrible.

Old timer

I agree with pol. The quality was not great at that location. Plus, were they responsible for driving Haagen Das out of business?

Pol Pot Pie

Negative as far as Haagen Dazs being forced out by B&J. The HD was on the corner where the Vitamin Shoppe (or whatever it's called) now resides.

That HD also had terrible service, ran out of flavors, and weighed their cones toward the end.

I'm sure the Vitamin place is a much better paying tenant…

Pol Pot Pie

Krispy Kreme, Burgers and Cupcakes, Ben and Jerry's… I can't believe Big Booty Bakery is still holding on.

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