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December 03, 2007



Why don't you just eat the cream cheese frosting? Everyone is becoming so uptight about food lately. What's the point? Do you really want to go on and on and on, and go out like Mrs. Astor? Carpe Diem.

Thomas P.

The service is fantastic. They were polite, happy and well trained as a staff. The food is some of the best in town.
Perfect place to bring a lady if you want to impress her. Can't say enough about it.

Joan Kapplan

So far this is my favorite place to eat. It is right off six ave. (Avenue of the Americas) and there are lots of things to do. But the food is out of this world!!!!!!!!!!!! At least the last time I was there it was!!! It's been awhile. I want to go back VERY soon though!!!!

jaime cantuzano

Incredible food, romantic setting, great staff

Carl T.

Wonderful service with excellent food at reasonable prices; good wine list, much quality by the glass. And, they'll be happy to prepare your special dish; I have tried that many times.
Casual Elegance indeed.

Geraldine Masso

I have to say that I love this place, I did visit a lot of restaurants in New York; but this one by far was the best. the vibe in this place is unreal, the staff was great.... very cool crew!
Overall I recommend every person go visit, the locals are nice and the music is the best to get in the romantic mood..... I'll be back I plan on going back again this year.

Stav Hughes

My husband and I both agreed that these were the best steaks we had ever eaten. Crispy on the outside, perfectly cooked on the inside! That we both ate for $60 with drinks was phenomenal! The pasta was some of the tastiest we ate in NY. We will definately go back to Antique Cafe's.

Charly Rhone

We went with some friends for dinner. The food was all amazing, as were the desserts. The wait staff was attentive as well. 
We will definitely go back. This is a good reasonable place to chill out and have a good meal.

S. O'rouk

My wife and I wanted to celebrate her birthday, and being new to Chelsea, we were looking for a quiet, romantic, reasonably priced, special restaurant that is close to us. Having heard many wonderful comments about Antique Café, we decided to try it (our other choice was Hill Country, but that place is too noisy and expensive for us). Our first impression was that Antique Café is a very nice place, clean, with great jazz and wonderful flowers. This was exactly the place I was looking for this occasion. We were met by a hostess who seemed very polite. However, as we sat down and looked over the menus, she interrupted us at least five times, asking questions about me and my work. It even got to the point where she was practically telling us which entrée and which wine we should order. She continued talking nonstop about herself and her family. We could not enjoy at all what should have been an intimate dinner for us. We felt so uncomfortable at the end of our dinner, that we only wanted to order coffee, even though our hostess “offered” us dessert, which we were made to understand would be on house (it ended up being charged). The whole time, it felt as if we were at a car dealership, trying to be sold the best car. When I asked out waiter whether the hostess was also the owner (that was the impression we started to form after that whole ordeal), he told us that she was one of the owner’s mother. The owner should understand that there is more to a great restaurant than just good food, service and ambiance. Customers want to feel comfortable and private; they don’t want to be disturbed. Although food and service that night were good, the overall experience with the hostess was not. If you want a pleasant and romantic dinner, avoid Antique Café.


I never have problems getting refills. Maybe they didn't want to give you one because they were insulted you didn't finish the frosting?

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