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December 18, 2006



Hi, Ed,

First, let me say I enjoy your site very much. I read you guys almost every day.

Re the anti-dog woman issue, a few thoughts:
She says in the article that "it's been this way from the start." In other words, when she moved in, she was aware there were dogs in the building. Also, regardless of the "rules," legally, if dogs have been allowed, or, if the rule has not been enforced, there's not much she can do. Right or wrong, if a tenant has a pet in their apartment, and the landlord does nothing to have the pet (or tenant) removed, after three months the tenant is allowed to keep the pet.

So, no enforcement gives the tenants the legal right to keep their pets. I had to look into this a number of years ago, so don't quote me, but I'm pretty sure that's the way it works.

While I understand her upset, it seems she knew what she was getting into. Maybe she can work with her neighbors and heighten their awareness about her fears. I would like to think her neighbors would be considerate and ensure their dogs are leashed and under control, if they understood the situation.

Oh, in case it was not clear, I am a huge dog lover. Well, I'm only about 5'9", but I really love dogs. But not tourists who seem to have to take up the entire sidewalk so the entire family can walk together, like synchronized ice skaters. And, well, the big dogs really are fine in NYC apartments. The double wide strollers belong in the 'burbs. As far as the dog runs, Tom's dog run, at chelsea waterside park, the first photo you have in the piece, is always clean and well-run (no pun intended.)

Thanks for a great blog!


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